Sutherlands in the 1920's


Sutherlands was on the Morgan - Adelaide line. The railway was a way of communicating with Adelaide etc. The station manager and the rail stationmaster was A. E. Mc Bride. The Rail Packer was P. T. O'Neil. There was also special train at times that took people to the Adelaide seaside and back. There were 2 cottages, which people who worked on the railroad could rent.

There were two types of trains that went through Sutherlands.

The passenger train went to Adelaide every morning. It left at about 6 am and returned late at night.

The Goods train went twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. In the morning the train went to Morgan and in the evening the train went to Adelaide.

People would bring wheat and wood to the station for the goods train to transport down to Adelaide.

There were men who worked in rail gangs to look after the track.

When the flood came through, it took part of the bridge with it and they had to build a suspended bridge. It was suspended on wooden logs.

There was a water tower used only for the train.