Sutherlands in the 1920's

Eudunda Farmers

It was the first Eudunda Farmer's store ever opened.

It was managed by F. A. Leopold in 1920, H. A. Goedecke in 1924, H. W. Mallett in 1926 and S. Hilbig in 1929. They were paid between 7/- to 12/-.

It was the general store and also the Post Office.

Sutherland's Post Office

The postmasters were Mr. H. Francis until 28/2/20, F. A. Leopold until 17/10/21, P. A. Pietsch until 20/28/22, R. E. Kernich until 1/11/23, S. H. Disher until 1/2/24, W. W. Mallett until 1/12/26, B. Jenke until 28/4/28, E. Quartly until 30/9/29, and then by S. Hilbig.

The hours of business on October the 17, 1921 were: 9 am to 6 pm on Monday to Friday and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday.

It became a Saving Bank Deposit Office on April 28th, 1928.


In order to establish this exchange on February 2, 1920, a thirty line manual switchboard was installed. Fredwick Alfred Leopold was the manager. Mr. Leopold had recently transferred from their Geranium branch.