Sutherlands in the 1920's

About Us

We are sisters, Samantha and Elizabeth, a two member team. We are educated with our 2 brothers by the Open Access College (distance education). This means that we have half hour phone calls for our lessons and our mum supervisors us doing set course material. This is returned for marking to our teachers by post or e-mail. We have enjoyed learning how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 and IXLA Photo Easy, which we had never used before. Most of all we have enjoyed finding out about our community and talking to the many people who have helped us with information and facts.

We started by looking at the Australian Schools Web Challenge site and searched the web for other community web sites.

Our favorite community web sites were -

We talked about what we wanted to do, and decided to do Sutherlands as that is where we live. From Society and Environment we had already learned things but through the web challenge we have learned a whole lot more. We know that there is only a Pub at Sutherlands now, but it has just closed down. The people who owned it, wanted to move and nobody has yet bought it. It is still for sale and hopefully somebody will buy it.

We thought we would research Sutherlands first and then find out what we could about making web sites. We went to the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery, 14 kilometers from Sutherlands, We talked to people there and borrowed books from the Eudunda and Robertstown School Community Library. We chose heritage colors and fonts because it went with our topic and was easy on the eyes.

We found that people are very helpful, in sharing their memories and what historical information they have. They even gave names of those who would have the information we needed.

We decided to do the 1930's, but later decided on the 1920ís, as it was more interesting, more things happened and there was a lot more information.

From the information we had gathered, we worked out a rough plan of what we wanted to do. I wrote all the information we had for each page in Microsoft Word 2000, while Samantha worked out how to used Macromedia Dreamweaver 3. Then Samantha using Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 constructed the first page and saved it as our home page. We then saved it as another page of the site and added the Microsoft Word 2000 information that I wrote for that page. Samantha used this second page as the template to make the rest of the text site using the Microsoft Word 2000 information that I wrote for each page. This ensured greater consistency between pages and it was easy to do.

While Samantha finished off the text page, I used Microsoft Paint to draw plans of the Schiller and Dohnt homes. I scanned our maps that our school allowed us to use, cropped and colored them using Microsoft Paint and IXLA Photo Fix to make the first three maps for the cover page GIF. Together we used a map to get the right distances and changed it with Microsoft Paint to make the last picture from the GIF.

While Samantha was drawing the image map I copied all the text files into another file then renamed and changed them. I then added the photos and new links etc. Samantha checked them and we then put it onto the web. Together we added some information for the photos. I watched Samantha get the image map working. Samantha gave me some instructions and we put it all together. We checked together making sure it sounded right. It looked right this time and we then put it up again on the web. Samantha was more in control of the Future page, I gave my input but it was more Samantha's ideas, which I agreed with. We spent time checking the accuracy on each page and from feedback made improvments.

The main problems that we had included -

Things we learnt included -

Special people to thank include -